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2013 new year! Not to raise whip exert oneself by oneself!

" Not to raise whip exert oneself by oneself! ". Outlook 2013, dragon and snake to bid farewell to the old year, future of the spring festival. When the calendar turned to the last one, the dragon has been falling in the years of moving the curtain of history, full of hope and vitality of the salamander years is slowly coming. On the occasion of the new year, we -- once the Wrangler, chairman of Shenzhen Jing Ding Technology Co. Ltd and all the workers to extend festive greetings! Thank the customer support, and we work together to go today! It is through the financial crisis financial experience full of frustrations and hardship and suffering, to deeply understand the actual situation of China, only the " work hard and perseveringly, be willing to sacrifice, the courage to fight, for the country share the spirit ".

A dew drop, full of flowers of friendship; a message, condenses our blessing. At the beginning of the new year, we have the blessing of the Chinese New Year and hope, quietly put in the spring breeze on the wings, let it blow green ground seeds, then blossom fruit, to give you the rich and fragrant!

Cyana tree on the village called cha, city streets bright red lanterns, struck up the melody of spring " to, pull, less ... ... " , holiday revelers danced the " Peng-Peng Jenna ", years of blush, years of heart flying, spring is coming, spring is a graceful posture also. Closer to our growth in the distance, red in our happy life, let's interception of the four seasons under the fragment, years gave us life like zen.

New year new weather, the year of the snake new year mood.

Spring Hannaford, have the Spring Festival for good luck, we have the most sincere best wishes to you: wish you always in good mood, always healthy, you accompany us through these years, was your concern that we often think, is your comments prompted us to continue to forge ahead, the achievements at the same time, we also see the deficiency, in the new year, we will do better, more let you satisfied.

We are also the most sincere blessing to our own: Yinianzhiji is spring, there is a good beginning will have good development, we also taste sour, sweet, bitter, hot in happiness.

Blessing to send endless, endless words. There are our brothers and sisters, friends, love, in the Spring Festival, wish you take advantage of the spring, raised the ideal, brilliant life!

Every year, year after year blessing words not finished. Years we struggle of the gas station, years we run in the relay baton, to the birth of our love, also can increase our ring, year ice-skating was a time of song, dance was also the cause of the wind years.

The chairman of Shenzhen Jing Ding Technology Co., Ltd. and all staff to pay New Year's call on you! I wish you business flourishes, good health, good luck in everything!


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